Bali Tassel 70 cm Brown

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Take a look at this Bali artisan crafted Tassel Beads Necklace featuring smooth wood beads all strung on strong colourful string cords and finished off with beautiful handmade tassels and two additional small tassels.

This handmade Bali necklace features 4mm smooth wooden beads on a strong brown string cord and finished off with a beautiful chunky 9 cm tassel and two additional small 5 cm tassels.

The necklace length allows for easy removal and is made to fit all.

Handmade Natural Neem Tree beads:

  •  Size of beads : 0.4cm
  •  Number of beads : 81 beads
  •  Length of Tassel: 9 cm and 5 cm
  •  Length of necklace : 26 cm